Collaboration in the Kindergarten as a Pedagogical Means for Developing Positive Attitudes


  • Anna Liduma Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy



activity, attitudes, collaboration, preschool pedagogical process


Nowadays preschool pedagogical process organisation needs scientific basis. The research methodological substantiation involves activity procedural structural and anthropological methodological approaches. The article explains possibilities of Latvia preschool education, analyses concepts on collaboration essence in teaching/learning, teacher’s position and competences in collaboration at up-bringing activity at preschool. In kindergarten pedagogical process, collaboration is used as pedagogical means, up-bringing principle and the teacher’s personally significant activity for development of child’s positive attitudes. The empirical research is based on the authors’s pedagogical self-experience at music sessions at preschool interest education, experience of teachers’ collaboration styles at Latvian preschool music education association courses (1000 respondents), observations at preschool education institutions (kindergartens and education of interests) and reflection of teachers’ experience using collaboration as pedagogical means for development of children’s positive attitudes at kindergarten.


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Liduma, A. (2017). Collaboration in the Kindergarten as a Pedagogical Means for Developing Positive Attitudes. International Dialogues on Education Journal, 4(1).