Integrationsarbeit mit eingewanderten Jugendlichen mit VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education)


  • Jean-Luc Patry Universität Salzburg
  • Sieglinde Weyringer Universität Salzburg
  • Kathrin Aichinger Universität Salzburg
  • Alfred Weinberger Pädagogische Hochschule der Diözese Linz



Integration, refugees, moral and values education, knowledge acquisition, pilot study


For a successful integration of young immigrants in the new culture and its values it is not sufficient that they acquire knowledge about the society; rather, moral and values education with respect to the justification of the respective values is required. We present an educational concept that permits to combine knowledge acquisition and moral education: “Values and Knowledge Education” (VaKE). The theoretical base and the practical steps are presented. Then a pilot study with a group of minor migrants about the topic of democracy and the most important results are described. The discussion addresses the question of applicability.


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Patry, J.-L. ., Weyringer, . S. ., Aichinger, K. ., & Weinberger, A. (2016). Integrationsarbeit mit eingewanderten Jugendlichen mit VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education). International Dialogues on Education Journal, 3(3).