Смысл как педагогическая категория


  • Александр Я. Данилюк доктор педагогических наук, член-корреспондент Российского академии образования
  • Алла Аркадьева Факторович доктор педагогических наук, профессор кафедры педагогики Московского педагогического государственного университета




sense, sphere of the sense, information technologies in education, new content of education, didactic system


The problem of „sense“ is presented in the context of peculiarities and challenges of the contemporary world. The authors analyze linguistic, philosophical, psychological, and pedagogical definitions of the concept «sense». They separate the concepts «sense» and «meaning». Sense is the essence of the object. Meaning is the form (sign, mark) for language expression of sense. The authors show that the sense that constitutes the real content of education, which consists of the conscious, free activities, is not included in fundamental didactic categories. The authors argue that sense should become a key element of educational content. Traditional principles and teaching methods are discussed in the context of the creation of a sense algorithm. A new didactic system which provides for meaningful work with sense in the context of the information society is explicitly characterized. The authors analyze the social and cultural effects of modeling the concept of “Smyslosfera” (sense, sphere of the sense) in education. The authors are aware of the difficulties in adequately translating the central terms in the article’s content, and interested in a constructive critical discussion of this terminology.


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Данилюк , А. Я. ., & Факторович, А. А. . (2017). Смысл как педагогическая категория. International Dialogues on Education Journal, 4(2). https://doi.org/10.53308/ide.v4i2.110