Call for Papers


International Dialogues on Education, a peer-reviewed journal in the field of education, announces a call for papers for the August 2021 edition. The focus of the forthcoming edition is, as you might imagine, on the Covid-19 Pandemic and the many ways it has and continues to have such a dramatic effect on education at all levels, both formal and informal. We welcome your submissions!  Although this overwhelming topic dominates educational thought at this moment in time, we also invite scholarly papers on other topics as well.

Our new Editor-in-Chief, Professor David Wicks of Seattle Pacific University, is pleased to assume leadership at this time. He and the entire editorial staff sincerely invite your scholarly participation. IDE was founded by Professor Reinhard Golz in 2014. His vision was and is to create a global community in the tradition of a civil-society forum where diverse viewpoints and perspectives come together to share thoughts and insights. He was the editor-in-chief until December 2020.

We hope you will join us as readers and as contributors. The submission deadline for the August 2021 issue is July 20, 2021.  Please go to our website: for additional information and procedural requirements for submission.